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KubeSphere and Cigo Cloud Partner on Providing Container Services and Building a Developer Community in Africa


Cigo Cloud has committed to providing cloud services and information technologies to enterprises in Africa and beyond. In this spirit of collaboration, KubeSphere and Cigo Cloud are announcing a joint effort to better empower KubeSphere users in Africa on the cloud.

The partnership marks an important milestone as KubeSphere officially provides container services on Cigo Cloud. It was successfully deployed on Johannesburg nodes in September, 2020. On the back of the comprehensive cloud services featuring "cloud-network-edge-end" integration provided by Cigo Cloud, KubeSphere delivers hybrid cloud solutions on top of Kubernetes for users in Africa. This will further promote the adoption of various cloud-native applications across the African continent.

In addition to providing cloud services, both Cigo Cloud and KubeSphere work to build a strong local community to help developers. Established in Durban and Johannesburg in October, 2020, the KubeSphere Developer Community has attracted about 80 evangelists and developers to participate. Besides, the KubeSphere Open Lab was opened at the Durban University of Technology (DUT) in November, with over 30 members involved so far.

“While the cloud industry is in its early stage of development in Africa, we can already see enterprises like Cigo Cloud have shown a strong presence in the local market with stable and flexible cloud services,” Said Ray Zhou, Head of the KubeSphere project. “We look to provide reliable container services to all African users. This is also part of our aspiration to share the fruit of open source with everyone. As the proliferation of mass adoption of business software on the continent leads to an increasing demand for container services, we are excited to work with Cigo Cloud with great benefits for the local community for years to come.”

About Cigo Cloud

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Cigo Cloud is committed to providing cloud services and information technologies to enterprises in the global market. With a professional and comprehensive group of experts on cloud services, Cigo Cloud strives to offer platform-level mixed Cloud ICT services. It enables enterprise users to leverage SAAS and cloud computing products and services that are autonomous, controllable, neutral, reliable, flexible and open.

Email: support@cigocloud.com

Website: www.cigocloud.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cigo-Cloud-109268734336260/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cigo-cloud-051b161ba/

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