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Radore and KubeSphere: Walk into the Future of Hybrid Cloud and Build Ecosystem Together


June 30, 2020 - In the online launch event of KubeSphere v3.0, Ray Zhou, leader of KubeSphere project, officially announced the exciting news of establishing a strong partnership with Radore, a Turkish enterprise with over 14 years of expertise. The cooperation aims to provide diversified cloud computing solutions for both Turkish companies and individuals, laying a solid foundation for KubeSphere to go global in the future.


“In fact, it is Radore that came to us first.” Ray further explained the partnership in detail. “They have done a lot of research and selected KubeSphere in the end. They hope to build a local KubeSphere community and further promote it. They even asked us to authorize them to be the gateway for KubeSphere to Europe and Africa so that more people can share the benefits of KubeSphere.”

Radore has created its Radore Cloud Datacenter (RCD) infrastructure. It is managed through a web interface where customers can see every detail. As KubeSphere has been successfully tested on the platform, it will serve as an outstanding solution for Turkish users in terms of application deployment, operation and more.

Under the partnership, Radore will first provide localizations for KubeSphere web console, followed by local websites, related documentation and so on. It will also hold both online and offline activities for KubeSphere users in Turkey, boosting the growth of local community in the country.

“I firmly believe that we will usher in an era of hybrid cloud featuring numerous innovative cloud native applications.” Ray added. “However, it also means a matter of ecosystem competition. For KubeSphere, we are pleased and honored to engage Radore on our journey to the future.”

About Radore

Radore Data Center Services Inc. was established in 2004 by Zeki Kubilay Akyol with the aim to provide individual and corporate web hosting services and has made its first data center investment in 2005. In the same year, Radore was authorized by the Telecommunication Authority as an Internet Service Provider. Using the motto Uptime Experts, Radore accepted reliable and continuous service as its standard values and has been titled as the Fastest Growing Data Center in Turkey four years in a row according to the 2012-2013-2014-2015 results of Deloitte Technology Fast50.

Initiated in 2014, Radore’s investment in a 2760 m² third generation data center facility, capable of hosting over 10,000 servers and located in MetroCity, was completed in 2015. Partnerships formed with Doğuş SK Private Equity (DGSK) and İş Private Equity (İş Girişim) in 2014, as well as another partnership with Selçuk Saraç in 2015, consolidated Radore’s position as the leading data center in the sector. Today Radore provides 24/7 service to its customers with 100% physical security, redundant Internet connectivity, advanced technology in energy and cooling, and a professional team.

Radore Website: https://radore.com/

About KubeSphere

KubeSphere is an open source container platform based on Kubernetes with applications at its core. It provides full-stack IT automated operation and streamlined DevOps workflows.

KubeSphere has been adopted by thousands of enterprises across the globe, such as Aqara, Sina, Benlai, Sinopharm Group, Bank of Beijing, Huaxia Bank, PICC, WeBank, Sichuan Airlines, Geko, VNG Corporation and Radore. KubeSphere offers wizard interfaces and various enterprise-grade features for operation and maintenance, including Kubernetes resource management, DevOps (CI/CD), application lifecycle management, service mesh, multi-tenant management, monitoring, logging, alerting, notification, storage and network management, and GPU support. With KubeSphere, enterprises are able to quickly establish a strong and feature-rich container platform.

KubeSphere Website: https://kubesphere.io/

KubeSphere GitHub: https://github.com/kubesphere/kubesphere

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