Unbind a Cluster

This tutorial demonstrates how to unbind a cluster from the central control plane of KubeSphere.


  • You have enabled multi-cluster management.
  • You need a user granted a role including the authorization of Cluster Management. For example, you can log in to the console as admin directly or create a new role with the authorization and assign it to a user.

Unbind a Cluster

  1. Click Platform in the upper-left corner and select Cluster Management.

  2. On the Cluster Management page, click the cluster that you want to remove from the control plane.

  3. Go to Basic Information under Cluster Settings, check I understand the risks of this operation and click Unbind.


    After you unbind the cluster, you cannot manage it from the control plane while Kubernetes resources on the cluster will not be deleted.

Unbind an Unhealthy Cluster

On some occasions, you cannot unbind a cluster by following the steps above. For example, you import a cluster with the wrong credentials and you cannot access Cluster Settings. In this case, execute the following command to unbind an unhealthy cluster:

kubectl delete cluster <cluster name>

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